F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S

Quick facts about Wareness:

1st frontier-tech marketing consultancy

18 investments

Portfolio has done $120m+ in direct to consumer revenue

$200m in follow-on funding through our venture capital network

How big is the fund?

$6m allocated in seed capital and follow-on rounds in the range of $25k-$50k.

Why this move into AI and automation when you launched with a focus on hardware?

Wareness is all about frontier technology that needs extra love and attention to break out into marketplaces. Our new segments fit into that mission.

What is your track record in AI and automation?

API.ai (acquired by Google), Moov, NanitH2O.ai, and Zume PizzaWe’ve made two investments in this space, which are undisclosed for now.

Where does VSC play a role vs Wareness? Is this the same team?

Wareness is led by Vijay Chattha and Stacy Taaffe. We pull best of breed talent from our parent firm, VSC, across San Francisco and New York City.

How are you accepting submissions from startups to work with you?

Most of our business comes through our portfolio, VC network and client alumni, but companies can reach out here.

How do you select your companies?

Based on product/business idea, team pedigree, capitalization and human chemistry between company and our team.

Typical clients have raised at least $2m in venture capital but can be as big as a publicly-traded blue-chip behemoth that wants to introduce a dynamic offering and approach their brand-building like a startup, free of bureaucracy and excited to think big and be creative.