W H O   W E   A R E


VSC’s Wareness Studio is a marketing consultancy and seed investment fund, pioneering a model unprecedented in the communications and marketing industry. 

Wareness has built iconic brands, many from scratch, turning them into household names. These include Coin (acquired by FitBit), Sproutling (acquired by Mattel), Tile, Navdy, goTenna, Ringly, Teforia, Nanit, and b8ta.

What began in 2013 to address the needs of entrepreneurs in hardware and connected devices
, Wareness has now expanded its focus to entrepreneurs in automation, computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI). The studio has helped build brands such as API.ai (acquired by Google), H2O.ai, Moov, (AI-based fitness), Zume Pizza (automation), Osmo (CV) and has also made two other seed investments currently in stealth mode.